Elizabeth Boyce

Earth Mama Photography

Website: EarthMamaPhotography.com

Instagram: @WanderingTheWorldBelow

 Earth Mama Photography

 Location: Dallas, Texas

Tell us how you got into photography:Photographing births!  I was a doula and offered birth photography… eventually I switched to full time birth and portrait photography.

Define your photography style: Posed with a focus on connection that will last for generations.  My birth and personal work is definitely more documentary in style.

Describe your favorite photo:  I am not sure I could narrow it down!  Light.  Always light.  Backlit, strong light, whatever.  As long as I have something to work with.  I remember first starting with my camera and always praying for cloud cover.  Now it is so boring!  I want that light so I can work creatively and come away with stunning images.

Earth Mama Photography

Tell us your most memorable photography story:  That is hard.  I have been doing this for over 10 years, so there are a lot!  Maybe the time I photographed 3 births back to back and worked for 85 hours straight while 7 months pregnant?!  That really took some stamina!

Are you an Early bird or Night owl?  Night Owl FOR SURE.

Who is your favorite photographer?  I have a ton that I love, but I really love the work of Pastel Photography… her connections are so authentic but she maintains correct posing and makes her clients look great.

Earth Mama Photography

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without?  My wide angle prime lens.  It lives on my camera and is what I use to capture all those fleeting moments with my family in between sessions.  Oh and my built in WIFI on my 6D… I love instagraming camera pics instead of iphone pics.  

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