Chris & Michelle Pittman

Pittman Photography


Instagram: @PittmanPhotography

Pittman Photography

Location: Little Elm, Texas

Tell us how you got into photography:
Chris was the photographer for an off-roading during college. Michelle, being the youngest of 5 daughters, had lots of little nieces and nephews. While photographing events for their family Chris and Michelle fell in love photographing families and little kids. The transition from trucks to kids was smooth and easy as capturing unforgettable family moments was much more rewarding.

Define your photography style:
Classic, innovative, fun.

Describe your favorite photo:
Very early in our photography career we had a shoot with 9 month old. During a brief moment we had the infant sitting without mom or dad around. He stared intensely into the camera with these huge bright blue eyes. The image we captured was magical and was on our business card for nearly 7 years. It helped instill in us a hope that we could actually do photography professionally.

Pittman Photography

Tell us your most memorable photography story:
While shooting a family we found this great location, with one problem, it had horrible sun streaks coming through the shade of a tree that enveloped the family. So in order to get the family completely in the shade Michelle climbed into the tree with a reflector to block the sun. The family laughed at her the whole time, which worked out well for the picture!

Are you an Early bird or Night owl?
Michelle is an early bird, Chris is the night owl, so between the two of us, we’re up 24/7.

Who is your favorite photographer?
Ana Brandt and Jasmine Star.

What is your favorite Mod product(s)? 

Drop in Pouch – Yellowbird.

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without?
Our large reflector, makes taking pictures anywhere a possibility.

Pittman Photography

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