Mod is the leader in photography accessories when it comes to fashion and function. Made in America, there’s just so much to love!

Every photographer – or camera owner – should have these 5 simple Mod products. Take a look:

1. Camera Strap

There are so many Camera Strap patterns and varieties to choose from, you’ll likely have a hard time making this decision. Browse through our Premium, Basic, Classic, Sequin, and Skinny options. Each have special features of their own that will make carrying your camera around your neck much more comfortable than using the factory issued option that comes with your DSLR purchase.

Mod Products

2. Camera Pouch

The Camera Pouch just makes sense. Whether you’re at a busy theme park or just walking through the pumpkin patch, dirt, dust and more can make its way into your DSLR. Prevent that from happening by using the Camera Pouch that quickly drawstring closes around your camera, protecting your investment. It also keeps little kids’ hands off of it, too, which could be even more disastrous than dirt!

Mod Drop in Pouch

3. Cap Saver

Cap Savers work exactly as you’d expect. They save your cap from falling to the ground, never to be seen again. It’s happened to me before, but never again since I started using the Cap Saver. Bonus: They’re super cute, too, and add a little bit of fun to the front of your camera.

Mod Cap Savers

4. Strap Wrap

This might be our best addition yet to the mod family. Strap Wraps attach with Velcro to your mod Camera Strap to hold important items close to you. Slide in your driver’s license, a credit card, business cards, cash, and more. No need to carry an additional bag or wallet. You can have all the essentials secure and safely attached to your strap.

Mod Strap Wraps

5. Compact Camera Bags

If a DSLR is not your style, or if you simply want to bring the ‘smaller’ camera on your outing, a Compact Camera Bag will keep it free from dust, dirt, and again – the most dangerous of all – children’s hands. The bags are lined with minky fabric, keeping your camera well protected. You can also use these bags for accessories when not using them for your Compact Camera.

Mod Compact Camera Bag

Find all of these and more at Happy shopping!

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