Karis Pratt

Karis Marie Photography

Website: KarisMariePhotography.squarespace.com

Instagram: @KarisMariePhotography

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Karis Marie

Location: Fairfax, VA

Tell us how you got into photography: At the age of 9 my parents gave me my first point and shoot. Growing up I was fascinated by what a camera lens could capture. After taking a class during my freshman year of High School my passion for photography grew. Assisting Darling Photographers confirmed to me that photography was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Define your photography style: Karis Marie Photography is best described as airy and romantic!

Describe your favorite photo: One of my favorite photos is a portrait size photo I took of one of my brides. The afternoon sun peaks through the right corner of the photograph and shines across the brides face creating a kind of sun flare. The beautiful bride radiates a stunning smile as she peers at her groom. The photograph has a warm and airy feel to it.

Mod Camera Straps Featured Photographer

Tell us your most memorable photography story: Most memorable moment was during an engagement shoot when the bride and I had to step away for a moment in order for her to change outfits. When we returned, the groom had climbed a tree and was ready to pose for photos!

Are you an Early bird or Night owl? I am both an early bird and night owl. I enjoy the light the morning brings, but I tend to stay up very late editing photos of course!

Who is your favorite photographer? My favorite photographer is Caroline Tran Photography.

What is your favorite Mod product(s)? I love the Bullseye classic camera strap. The design is so cool and it is a quality product.

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without? I could not live without my Canon 5D Mark III and my 70-200mm!

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