Do you ever walk into a friend or neighbor’s house and wonder who did their decorating? You see perfectly hung canvases with strategically placed knick knacks and kitchy decor in between and it all makes perfect sense. Then, you go home, try it yourself and it looks like a Kindergartner tried her hand at decorating?

I do.

So, I looked into some options and found some excellent tutorials to share with you today. No need to be intimidated by decorating with your photos. Show them off.

Check out these ideas:

  • How to Hang Anything (Anywhere): Huffington Post teaches us ways to hang pieces on just about any wall space, be it brick, stone, plaster, concrete and more. Lots of details here, yet the processes are simple enough to follow.

Bonus: Peak at the bottom of this tutorial for how to use art without hanging it all.

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  • Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room: The elusive gallery wall. It sounds so easy, in theory. Feels much harder to execute in person. Find lots of inspiration and sample wall layouts that you can try on your own space at home.


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  • Top Ten Ways to Display Family Photos: There are so many beautiful ideas here, we want to do them all! Good luck in trying to figure out where to start. So much awesome information in this post.

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We know home decorating – especially with photography – can be intimidating. But, with a little help, we think you can do amazing things with the end product to all of your hard work.

Step out of your comfort zone and try one or two of these. It’s the perfect time of year with summer approaching and more people arriving for impromptu cookouts and get togethers.

Let us know if you try something!

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