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Instagram: @MandyLMcMurdo

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Location: Kimberling City, Missouri

Tell us how you got into photography: Well, photography has been in my blood since childhood.  I was inspired by a family friend and quickly became best buds with my point and shoot!  In 2010, the loss of my father and my own personal journey with cervical cancer created a path back to my passion; you know photogs that tell a story and the complex black box that helps capture and create those moments!  It has been by God’s grace, perseverance and many loved ones supporting me, that I have been able to share my creative passion through what other’s might call work.

Define your photography style: It keeps me creative! I really don’t have a specific style because if I keep shooting the same thing over and over, I’ll for sure loose the passion to “Capture Life”.

Describe your favorite photo: “Breathe” is my most favorite photograph. I shot this of the old Zebulon Pike Excursion Boat, at the beginning of my crazy journey. I look at it and I can almost feel and see the warm, moist, foggy air coming through her nose as she tells of her history.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Tell us your most memorable photography story: Hmmmm…it’s got to be when I orchestrated a shoot that involved the local sheriffs dept and PD, a model with her SUP board and car, a driver and pickup for me with a maximum of 5 mins from start to finish to shoot on the Kimberling City Bridge (mind you it takes almost a minute to drive to the middle of the bridge and set up in a complete rush and the same to drive off). What an adrenaline rush! We only had probably two and a half mins to shoot…and we scored! The moment that still cracks me up during that shoot was…. as Jodelle sat on top of her car looking out over the lake “Wow this beautiful up here! I wish you could see this.” As I was laying in the middle of the road looking through my complex black box, with my heart pounding hard, making sure I didn’t miss a shot.

Are you an Early bird or Night owl? Hmm…It depends on what is going on that day!

Who is your favorite photographer? Ben Thouard is one of my faves because I love his ocean shots and all the places he travels to, however Chase Jarvis is my for sure favorite! Chase is very creative and inspiring.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

What is your favorite Mod product(s)? My Strap…She hugs me almost every day since I started shooting!!! The best part is she is still hanging on in amazing condition…a lil dirty but loved!
What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without? I would have to say “the eye”! The eye to see and what everybody else can’t. Also, I can’t live without my Sony A77 and my Sigma 85mm F1.4. So really one can’t live without the other so it’s a tie!

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