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Website: LornaHolt.com

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Location: Oceanside, CA

Tell us how you got into photography: I became an avid scrapbooker in the early years of my marriage and loved finding creative ways to document the pictures I was taking of our lives together… simple family events, nieces and nephews, travel and more. Through this hobby, I was inspired to improve the quality of the photographs I was taking. I bought my first 35mm SLR in 1994 and took some classes at the local community college. From there, my love for capturing special memories on film grew, and I continued to independently practice and improve my skills. For the past 9 years, I have been the volunteer photographer, or ‘Parish Archivist” as my pastor calls it, at my church. I had to learn how to shoot in difficult settings; handheld, from a distance, low light. This forced me to really learn how to use my camera to the fullest of its abilities. Finally, three years ago, I decided to start a side business (I am a teacher by trade), and have had the honor of photographing a wide variety of people and events.

Define your photography style:  I would describe my style as “Fun and Natural.” In my work, I prefer photographing my clients in outdoor settings that are full of textures and colors. I am intrigued by people, and my personality is playful, so my sessions are usually light and easy as we interact together. I think this helps the natural beauty of the client shine through and become the focus of the photos.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Describe your favorite photo:
Favorite photo of mine? My current favorite photo is one I took of a couple I know. The guy works with my husband, as did his wife, who passed away at the young age of 32. The man got remarried last year in a private ceremony, and they asked me to take some photos of them about six months later, since they didn’t get wedding pictures done. We met out on a river hiking trail, and the last shot of the session is really special. They are knee deep in a pool of water, surrounded by rocks, with big trees dripping their branches over their heads – so much texture and detail. The setting is very intimate and the couple is holding each other tight. He has had such a difficult journey these past few years, and it was an honor to help capture on film the love that he was able to find again with his new wife.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Tell us your most memorable photography story: Mine isn’t a particular story, but more of a tradition I have. On every vacation, I set aside one or two mornings to get up way before the sunrise. I grab my camera and head out on foot to explore and see what my camera might find. Some of my best memories are out in the dark (sometimes very cold!) alone, enjoying the silence before the world wakens, and waiting for the light to change.

Are you an Early bird or Night owl?
Early Bird!! But only for the past eight years, so it’s a relatively new way of life for me. I love being up when the world is quiet. I can squeeze in a workout, or get some editing done without any distractions.

Who is your favorite photographer?
One of my favorites is Shelley Paulsen, an equestrian photographer out of Minnesota. She photographs owners and their horses. Shelley’s work mirrors my love of horses and nature, and she uses light in such a powerful way.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

What is your favorite Mod product(s)?
The straps are absolutely gorgeous!! My camera is always on my shoulder, so being able to individualize my strap, and make it a signature piece, is so fun! I can’t wait to get more!

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without?
My Canon Speedlite 600.

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