Accessories can make or break an outfit. We all know that. But, what if you didn’t have to spend a fortune on that designer necklace that you will only wear a few times? What if we replaced it with something useful and comfortable and something you can use for years?

Let’s do it! 

Mod Camera Strap Blog

Mod has so many styles to fit so many tastes. And, the functionality of our camera straps make sense. They’ll keep you comfortable while looking cute. Take a look at all of your options.

Add a drop in pouch to the strap to not only complete the ensemble, but also to protect your investment. You spent quite a bit of money on that fabulous camera. Keep dust, dirt, and little finger prints away from it with our pouch.

We also love our accessory bags to tie it all together. Accessory bags are lined with our opulent, plush signature fabric to keep everything safe. Store extra lenses, chargers, batteries and more in these bags.

Accessory bags, camera straps and drop in pouches all come in coordinating fabrics.

Mod Camera Strap Blog

Visit to see all of your options in color and design.

Fair warning: little kids love the straps, too. Be prepared to share!

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