It’s a lovely time to be outside, friends! And, it’s the perfect time to grab your camera and document some of the beauty sprouting all around us.

Let’s review some basics on how to bring your spring time photos to life:

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1. Have Your Gear Prepared and Protected

Consider how you’re keeping your investment covered. Three products should absolutely be on your list:

  • Camera Strap – Make sure your camera is held safely and with a trusted strap. The factory issued ones do well, but they’re not nearly as comfortable as what mod makes.
  • Camera Pouch – A mod camera pouch will keep your camera safe from dust and dirt.
  • Cap Saver – Who hasn’t lost a camera cap? Don’t do it again! Keep your lens safe with a cap saver.

2. Dress Comfortably and Be Ready for a Day Out

Check the weather prior to leaving and be sure you’ve covered for day and night time. A light sweater in the trunk of your car might come in handy for a late day’s work. Don’t get caught unprepared!

Mod Camera Strap Blog

3. Change Your Perspective

Get down low to the ground for a glimpse of sprouts emerging from the ground. New life is such a joy to witness. Zoom in to see all the details and capture several versions of your subject to compare and contrast once you’re home and out of the elements.

Think of unique angles and use a macro lens for a different view.

4. Simplify

Look for puddle reflections, unusual cloud patterns, and emerging trees. Once the leaves arrive, there’s less to work with. Capture the sprouts now before it’s too late.

Mod Camera Strap Blog

5. Have fun!

It’s spring time and this photo excursion should be fun. Consider a whimsical approach to your photography and don’t take it all too seriously. Some of your best work can come out of the most unusual images. Enjoy it!

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