Michelle Peterson

Michelle Peterson Photography

Website: MichellePetersonPhotography.com

Instagram: @MichellePetersonPhotography

 Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Location: Southern California

Tell us how you got into photography: Like many I have to say that it found me. I had no intention of becoming a photographer, but once my hubby bought me my first DSLR camera for Mother’s Day I was hooked.

Define your photography style: I would say my photography style is fresh and fun, maybe a little earthy. I’m all about having fun on my sessions and I want my images to reflect that.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Describe your favorite photo: I can’t really say I have one favorite. Any image that really reflects the feeling of that moment in time and makes you remember exactly how you felt at that moment is an automatic favorite.

Are you an Early bird or Night owl? Night owl, hands down.

Who is your favorite photographer? This is a tough one…I admire so many for different reasons. Right now I am really loving Sarahbeth Photography and Katelyn James.

What is your favorite Mod product(s)? The camera straps for sure. Have you seen them? ADORABLE!!!

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without? My 50mm…currently my fav for portraits.

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