So, Spring Break will be here before you know it and what usually comes before or shortly after that is a strong case of Spring Fever with students. They’re over the winter months and feeling the warm air. It feels like it’s time for fun! But, it’s not quite time yet.

Try to keep your kids focused and working towards a solid end to the school year with these suggestions. They work for me!

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  • Refill school supplies and buy fresh pencils/markers if you need to. There’s something promising about new supplies that might just encourage some extra attention to school work.
  • Review your children’s progress for the year and discuss what needs to be done to finish the year successfully. If needed, call in a teacher or counselor for help.
  • If your homework routine is becoming TOO routine, mix things up a bit. If you have a work space outside, give that a try. Or, take your work to a local park or picnic area. Fresh air – and the promise for playground time at the park after – can often work as good incentive.
  • Continue to document big achievements like Perfect Attendance Awards or Good Citizenship with pictures. Use your DSLR to capture these big moments at the school and keep it free from messy hands with a mod Camera Pouch. Seriously. Kids are messy. Don’t enter an elementary school without your camera covered!
  • Make a countdown to summer if your crew needs to really focus in on the prize. Use paper links or even do a digital countdown on your phone. There are lots of free apps that will count for you.

Mod Camera Strap Blog

School is stressful for parents, too, so be sure to be supportive of everyone in your home as we draw closer to the end of the year. Spring Fever can be a powerful thing. Work together to overcome it and you’ll be glad you did.

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