It may not feel like it currently, but Spring is on its way. Ignore that groundhog and start preparing. We LOVE this time of year for so many reasons. New life and new growth accompany this hopeful season. It’s time to get outside and get your hands dirty! 

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Kids can be included in this process, as well, and it’s easier than you might think. Let’s make a plan on how to do this:

  1. Look through magazines or books with children to determine what you’d like to plant. Make this as easy as possible so that your goals are realistic. Cut your inspiration from the magazines if you can and bring it with you to the nursery for shopping.
  1. Before purchasing your plants, walk outside with kids to mark out the area you plan to add your flowers and foliage to. Help your children envision what their job will be. You can even mark off the area you want to plant in with rocks. Or, set up clay pots for planting.
  1. Take a “field trip” to the nursery for purchasing. Let kids smell and feel the flowers – gently of course – but get them involved. Ask the gardeners on staff for tips on what works with your climate and space you’ll be planting in. Be sure to clarify if you’ll be working with sun or shade.
  1. After buying supplies, head home to get started. I love my hands in the earth this time of year. It feels like I’m nurturing life. Explain this to kids and inspire them to think about what they’re working so hard on. Plant your little sprouts and cross your fingers.
  1. Check back each day or two to see how flowers are doing. Follow instructions for watering and pruning and allow kids to participate, too. Take photos of the progress of each variety with your camera. Protect it from dirt with a mod compact camera bag.
  1. Congratulate your little ones on a job well done! Chances are, at least one or two blooms will take off and you’ll see lots of proud smiles when their end result is seen.

Well done, friends! Make this an annual tradition. You can even tie it into Easter if you time it correctly and discuss even further the rebirth of life and love. Embrace the lesson in every project with kids. Remember: the days are long, but the years are short.

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