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Location: Dallas, TX

Tell us how you got into photography: When I was 10 years old I picked up my dad’s old camera and haven’t been able to put down a camera since!  Since then I’ve enjoyed taking photos of everything from pets, family, friends, and landscapes.

Define your photography style: When I shoot I try to capture the energy and fun of a shot.  My style incorporates a lot of color and the emotions of life. Overall I’d say that my photography style falls under the categories of lifestyle, fashion, travel, advertising, and everything in between.  I truly enjoy what I do and want that to be seen through my photography.  It’s not just what’s in the shot itself, it’s the energy and atmosphere surrounding the entire process of it all.  My style incorporates all elements involved in capturing that perfect shot!

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Describe your favorite photo:  Describe my favorite photo?!  That’s almost an impossible task, there are so many!  But, if I had to choose just one off the top of my head I would go with a photo shot during the Haggar Spring Collection in Palm Springs.  The model was on the roof of the house, wearing sunglasses and styled to appear relaxed.  His tie was loosened and he was sitting on the edge of the roof with his feet hanging over.  The overall atmosphere of the shot was perfect with little effort.  It’s a photo like this, that sets itself up almost naturally, that create a favorite photo.  That photo has so many great elements of style, setting, natural lighting, and overall emotion that was captured at just the right moment.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Tell us your most memorable photography story: There are so many moments during shoots that just make me laugh as I think back through them.  And although I think about moments of assistants falling in pools or Art Directors mistakenly eating cow-brain tacos, the most memorable moment would have to be shooting the NFL Hall of Fame InductionCeremony and game in 2014.  Not only did I get to shoot former NFL players who were my idols growing up, but the Miami Dolphins were playing the Dallas Cowboys – and I’m a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan.  I was able to be on the sideline, closer to the action than I ever imagined!  It was a thrilling weekend!

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

Are you an Early bird or Night owl?  I’m definitely a night owl.  Although I normally work throughout the day I find that at night I am most productive.  The time just gets away from me as I go through sorting and editing images; it will be 2 or 3 in the morning before I know it.  It’s a good thing I’m married now and my wife let’s me know that it‘s time for sleep.  I enjoy the opportunity to sit and go through the shots.  Sometimes the day goes by so fast you don’t even realize how many great shots were captured!

Who is your favorite photographer?  Oddly enough my favorite photographer shoots in a style that is very opposite of how I shoot.  Sebastiao Salgado is definitely on the top of my list of favorite photographers.  His images are simply amazing and full of emotion.  I wish I had his natural ability to capture the essence of an image.  There is so much life in his photos.

Mod Camera Strap Featured Photographer Blog

What is your favorite Mod product(s)?  I am currently a big fan of the Black and White Chevron Camera Strap.  It adds a nice touch of design and style to my outfit when shooting.

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without?  I never leave for a shoot without my 24-70mm Canon Lens, which is not easy to forget since I have 3 of them!  This lens allows for great angles and perspectives during the shoots.  Although the lens is important, it’s also very important that I always have my morning “coffee”, which is actually a Rockstar Energy Drink!

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