It’s a new year with new goals! Let’s put the focus on photography and document 2015. We’ve got a few ideas of how to make that happen. But, first, be sure to have your DSLR in hand with a Mod camera strap or your compact camera with a compact camera bag.


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  • It’s just barely past the start of the 365 day challenge. Several people, this time of year, embark on taking a photo each day. It’s not too late! Start now and catch up.
  • Others aim for a photo each week or even each month.
  • If those strict guidelines stress you out, work on documenting the big events that happen throughout the year. First soccer games, the beginning and ending of a school year, birthday parties and more will keep you quite busy.
  • Holidays – of course – give us plenty of inspiration for photography.
  • Be as simple or complex in your goals. Aim to do what works for you and your life.

If you have a paper or electronic calendar that you work from, jot down small photography goals as you see an event in your near future. Take inspiration from magazines, social media, and friends to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish with your big events in 2015.

You’ll never be sorry with putting extra time and effort into documenting your family’s life. These are treasures for generations to come. Make it happen!

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