Tara Welch Photography

Tara Welch

Website: www.tarawelchphotography.com

Instagram: @Tara.Welch.Photo

Tara Welch Photography

Location: Austin, TX

Tell us how you got into photography: I studied visual arts in college and was interested in photographic processes from the beginning. Photographing my friends and setting up photo shoots was one of my favorites things! After college, I initially wanted to go into product and food photography but really missed photographing people. One of my friends got married and her wedding photos were so unique and creative that I immediately started to learn more about wedding photography.
Define your photography style: Bright, colorful, happy.
Describe your favorite photo: That's easy. A person or persons laughing their faces off in front of a colorful background.
Tell us your most memorable photography story: For whatever reason, 2015 was the year of fire ants. Every time I would shoot, I'd perpetually back into ant pile, look down after a few minutes and realize I was covered in ants!

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Are you an Early bird or Night owl? Both really but more of a night owl. I don't need too much sleep usually. : )

Who is your favorite photographer?  Gregory Crewdson

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What is your favorite Mod product(s)? I don't know yet! I'm excited to find out!

Mod Camera Blog Featured Photographer Blog

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without? Canon 85mm 1.2 lens. I dreamt about this lens for years and now my life is complete.

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