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We had the pleasure of getting a glimpse into the soul of Photographer Julia Jump of Julia Bach Photography.  Her work is vibrant, romantic, and stunning. If you are looking for a fabulous photographer to capture you or your event in Hawaii, she is the woman to call. 

Julia Bach Photo

Name: Julia Jump

Company Name: Julia Bach Photography

How did you get into photography? I grew up loving all of the arts and always had a special passion for femininity and the natural beauty of the female figure. I ended up going to school for graphic design because I thought that that was how I could make a living doing art, but as an artist, I felt like it was a really restrictive avenue. I ended up working as a studio manger for an amazing photographer in Dallas after I graduated. I was in heaven. I loved the lifestyle, the subject matter, the creativity and the freedom to really create something beautiful.

What's your style?  My style is very clean and editorial with a hint of romanticism.

Julia Bach Photo


Tell us about your favorite photo: I don’t know if I could say any one photo is my favorite. I recently came across Atlas of Beauty where Mihaela Noroc of Romania travels to 37 countries and photographs women in their traditional garb.

Julia Bach Photo

What's your most memorable photography story? While contracting for another company, I got a last minute shoot with a famous drummer. Since it was so last minute and I was so surprised and starstruck - I didn’t really know what to do with a celebrity! It ended up totally fine, and I was able to capture his first visit to Hawaii. Once I got over being star struck, we had a relaxing and fun shoot. He even gave me backstage passes to his concert later that night. You never know who you are going to meet in this business.

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird! I love catching those sunrises over Lanikai Beach!

Julia Bach Photo

In the photog world, who inspires you? I really admire a photographer named Ben Sasso. His work is beautiful, but more than that, he loves helping other photographers and is a huge contributor to the photography community through social media. I would love to take a class from him one day.

What’s the one camera/camera accessories that you can’t live without? 5D mark iii. It's my baby.


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