If you are looking for picturesque, bright, natural, gorgeous photography focused on special family moments, look no further - Lauren Beglin is a master of beautifully capturing these rare, innocent and perfect moments.

Name: Lauren Beglin
Company Name: Lauren Beglin Photography
Website: www.laurenbeglinphotography.com

Tell us how you got into photography:
     Over the past decade, I have always tried to carry a camera with me to document trips, milestones or even everyday life events. When my father passed away almost two years ago I instantly had an even bigger appreciation for photography and the irreplaceable value for the few photos I did have of him. With the encouragement from my husband, I decided to go for it and started pursuing this passion further. Photography to me is a guarantee of a memory and a moment in time that we are able to hold in our hands and treasure forever. I want nothing more than for all of my clients to remember these special moments in their lives and always have photos that allow them to travel back in time.

Define your photography style:
     Clean, classic and cherished.

Describe your favorite photo:
     There isn't necessarily just one, but I would say my favorite photos are the ones where the feelings and expressions are natural and honest.

Tell us your most memorable photography story:
     Taking pictures of other people and their families is always so special to me. However, seldom do I have the opportunity to solely focus my lens on my own family. I recently went to Hawaii with my son and husband and spent every moment I could taking photos of them playing in the beautiful turquoise water. It was such a surreal and special experience to capture my son enjoying the ocean for the first time jumping waves hand in hand with my husband.

Are you an Early bird or Night owl?
     Definitely an early bird. I look forward to going to bed relatively early so that I can get up early and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning with a cup of coffee.

Who is your favorite photographer?
     My good friend, Taras Kovalchuk (http://www.taraskovalchuk.com). Not only do I love his work and his energetic personality, but he taught me that time should never be compromised to get the perfect shot.

What's the one camera/camera accessories that you can't live without?
     Canon 5D MarkIII. The versatility and capability of this camera has definitely lived up to and exceeded all my expectations.

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