Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year! I love the family Harvest Festivals, the scent of blazing fire places and the kiss of the first Autumn breeze on my cheeks! If I could capture the Autumn season in a bottle, I would. But until then, I’ll be taking pictures! Below are 5 of my most treasured secrets to capturing the perfect Fall photo!

Tip #1: Let Mother Nature Add Charisma to Your Photos! 

I find that framing my subject against the warm autumn foliage adds so much depth and excitement to my photos. I love being able to see my subject within the moment by showcasing the magical fall foliage. Being able to spot and use natural “frames” within nature will make for a sensational photograph.

Frame Your Subject

Tip #2: Capture the Energy of the Moment!

With nature gifting you with a fall breeze and twirling leaves, Autumn is the best time to capture animation in your subject! Have your subjects spin, play, skip, and hop into leaf piles! Look for beautiful locks of hair blowing about in the wind! (or fake it with a battery operated fan!) I love that these little touches make my pictures look more energetic and powerful!

Hair Movement

Tip #3: Mix in Fall Props!

Since Fall is such a festive time of the year, fall props are in abundance! Add these props to your fall images for a bit of fun! Visit a pumpkin patch, keep an eye out for hay bales, pick out some beautiful Mums, or let nature do its work and photograph those fall leaves!

Mix in Fall Props

Tip #4: Boost Autumn Colors in a Photo Editing Program!

Sometimes “fake it ‘til you make it” is the easiest way to capture a crisp fall setting! There are tons of ways to achieve a warm autumn look in Photoshop or Photo editing software, but here is my “Go-To” Method in Photoshop:

1.) Open your image in Photoshop

2.) On your background image, Create a New Adjustment Layer

     a. Select Channel Mixer

     b. Set the Output Channel to Red

     c. Slide the Red slider to around -50

     d. Slide the Green slide to +200

     e. Slide the Blue Slider to around -50

     f. Set the Blending Mode to “Lighten”

3.) ***Merge Your Layers WITHOUT Merging Your Layers*** - Use the keyboard shortcut COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT-E

     *** I don't personally like to FLATTEN my layers as I cannot go back and edit them after. This keyboard shortcut, Command-Option-Shift-E, merges the layers below and adds it as a separate layer above, leaving all the layers below editable!

4.) Duplicate this New Created Layer

5.) On this Duplicate Layer, Go to the Filter Menu.

     a. Choose Other

     b. Choose “High Pass”

     c. Change the Radius to around 2.7

     d. Click OKAY

6.) Create New Merged Layer (COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT-E)

7.) On this Newly Created Layer, Create a New Adjustment Layer

     a. Select “Selective Color”

     b. Set the “Colors” to YELLOW

     c. Decrease CYAN to around -70

     d. Increase Magenta to around +15

     e. Increase Yellow to around +70

8.) DONE! 

Before Post-Processing:

Tip 4 Before Post-Processing

After Post-Processing:

Tip 4 After Post Processing

 Tip #5: Try a Leaf Overlay!

The second element of my “Fake it ‘til you make it” scheme is to use a leaf overlay! You can find a variety of leaf overlays for free or for purchase online! All you have to do is drag your overlay onto your image in Photoshop, manipulate the leaves by making them larger, smaller, tilted, blurred, whatever your heart desires! You will then have given your image that touch of whimsy that we all crave in this fall season!

 Before Leaf Overlay:

Tip 5 Leaf Overlay Before

 After Leaf Overlay:

After Leaf Overlay


And there you have it! Easy Peasy Magnificent fall photographs! I would absolutely love to see your fall pictures! Please feel free to share them in the comments section of this blog post!

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