New year, new goals! Let’s get organized now to prepare for 2016!

 So many people let the year slip by without accomplishing what they set out to do. You can avoid this trap by clearly defining what it is you want to accomplish with your photography. Let’s take a look at some suggestions, including tips on how to make them happen throughout the year.

  • Take and organize photos monthly. Focus each month on organizing your images, editing and filing according to the month. File them by the month on your computer so that you can easily retrieve images at a later time.
  • Actually print out your photos. I know! It’s a crazy idea. But, you can do it. We recommend Mpix.comfor professional photos at reasonable prices. Go one step further and frame those images! Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Display it for everyone to enjoy.
  • Get creative. There are so many projects you can do now with your images. Create a photo book, print on canvas, or arrange a collage to highlight your favorite photos.  Shutterfly has so many lovely options. Check out Vista Print, too.
  • Be prepared for the holidays. Don’t wait until mid-December to create your holiday card. Aim for November so that you’re ahead of the game and not adding one more thing to your holiday chaos. If you’re hiring a photographer for family photos, be sure to schedule your session early enough to account for processing time and then printing, too. We recommend October for the actual session. You’ll be so glad to have this done ahead of time!
  • Share your social media captures. Don’t let the fun images you share on social media stay trapped there. Print photos from Instagram and your phone easily with Social Print Studio. The site is so easy to use!                                     

Staying on top of your goals will help you keep your sanity come holiday time and will aide in preserving the fun photos that so many allow to be lost in digital purgatory. Use one or all of the above tips to organize your goals according to what you want to accomplish. Enjoy it and have fun!

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