Emily Lawler  

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Emily Lawler

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Tell us how you got into photography: I picked up my first camera when I was about 8yrs old. I would always take my momma’s and take pictures of all of our pets. I think I was trying to be like my momma because she always carried around her camera wherever she went. She documented absolutely everything of us. I have 10 albums full of our memories that I get to cherish forever and pass down to my future family.

Define your photography style: I used to ask myself that question everyday. I love bright images! I love to bring out all of the colors in the photo. But once fall and winter hits, I’ve learned I like to darken my photos a little bit. I love trying new things and giving my clients a little bit of both.

Emily Lawler

Describe your favorite photo: I love probably every photo I’ve ever taken. I know that sounds crazy but I am very grateful for the invention of the camera. I have been able to save my memories over the years and never forget. Now currently, my absolute favorite photo I’ve been cherishing over the past few days is a photo of my beloved Hannah.

Tell us your most memorable photography moment: My most memorable photography story is when my best friend got engaged. It was a complete surprise! Seeing her with tears and how happy she was brought me happy tears  (I have always been an emotional person).! When I gave them their online gallery, it brought more tears to the table. I love seeing my clients reactions when seeing the very first photo. They have know idea how priceless a photo is until they see their very own.

Emily Lawler
Early bird or night owl: I’m a night owl for sure!

Who is your favorite photographer: My favorite photographer would have to be the oh so lovely Natalie Frank. I get so excited in the mornings to check her Instagram to see her latest work. She is one of the founders of The Rising Tide Society and it has literally made a huge impact on my life and business and I am forever grateful for that.

Emily Lawler


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